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小题1:B小题2:D小题3:A小题4:C 试题分析:一个伟大的人娶了一个女人,然后他们有了一个可爱的小女孩。小女孩长大了,这个人经常拥抱着她说:“我爱你,小女孩。”小女孩离开家走向社会,这个人经常打电话说:“我爱你,小女孩。”这一天,女孩接到...

小题1:C小题2:C小题3:C小题4:B小题5:D 试题分析:本文讲述了一位年轻的男子和一名妇女结婚了,但是男子非常喜欢读书,不能陪这位女士,她又无事可干,希望丈夫多多陪她。她告诉丈夫希望变成一本书,让丈夫好好读她。小题1:根据The man has much...

1.B(A young man who lived in London ) 2.B(The man was very poor while the girl was rich) 3.C(The young man wanted to make her a ...

followed followed by a young man in blank 是过去分词短语作宾语补足语的, 指宾语herself 被跟踪 这位女孩掉头一看,发现自己被一个年轻人跟踪了。 【希望帮助到你,若有疑问,可以追问~~~祝你学习进步,更上一层楼!(*^__^*)】

Sex (i'm A) by Peaches Sex, sex, sex, sex Feel the fire, feel my love inside you, it's so right That's the sound and the smell of love in my mind I'm a toy, come and play with me, say the word now Wrap your legs around mine and...



work = 做工 death= 死亡 sickness= 病 little girls wiser than men = 小女孩们聪明过男生们

there are many people in the street they are young or old boy or girl.whoever he is,he is busy with his own thing and work for the wonderful future.


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