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BE gooD with sB

be good to 是对......友好 例如: My friend was good to me when I was ill.我生病时我的朋友对我关怀备至. My friend was good to me when i meet troubles. 我的朋友对我非常友好当我遇到困难时。 be good with 是灵巧的;与……相处得好 例如...

1.Eating more vegetables is good for your health.2.Reading more books is good for your study.3Smiling to your classmates is good for your relationship.

be good with sb:与某人交好。 例句: It ’ s an act of complete imbecility not to think someone would recognise you. The company might be a whizz with technology and design, says Mr Briggs, who is also a broadcast journalist and...

be good with sb 和某人相处得好 双语对照 例句: 1. Be in a deep conversation with sb about sth. 关于某事和某人进行一次深谈。 2. Spare some time to have a talk with sb. 腾出一些时间与某人交谈

be good with sb 和某人相处愉快、和某人友好相处 双语例句 He must be good with kids. 他必须跟孩子相处得好。


be good with sb与… … 相处融洽 be good to sb.对-有好处 不通用

造句 1.be good with SB 和某人相处得好 He is good with his classmates. 他和同学们相处得好。 be good at deing 应该是 be good at doing 擅长做某事 He is good at playing the piano. 他擅长弹钢琴。 2.be husy doing 应该是be busy doing ...


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