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BE gooD with sB

be good to 是对......友好 例如: My friend was good to me when I was ill.我生病时我的朋友对我关怀备至. My friend was good to me when i meet troubles. 我的朋友对我非常友好当我遇到困难时。 be good with 是灵巧的;与……相处得好 例如...

1.Eating more vegetables is good for your health.2.Reading more books is good for your study.3Smiling to your classmates is good for your relationship.

造句 1.be good with SB 和某人相处得好 He is good with his classmates. 他和同学们相处得好。 be good at deing 应该是 be good at doing 擅长做某事 He is good at playing the piano. 他擅长弹钢琴。 2.be husy doing 应该是be busy doing ...

be good with sb与… … 相处融洽 be kind to sb对......友好

be good with sb 其中人称用宾格。

be是系动词,本身没有意义。 放在具体的句子里比如我和amy相处得很好 I am good with Amy~


I often help my mother with the housework. 我经常帮助妈妈做家务活。 I often help my mum with the cleaning. 我经常帮助我的妈妈打扫卫生。 My father will help me(to)mend my bike. 我父亲将帮助我修理我的自行车。 I often help my moth...

I am good with her. 我和她相处得好。 I am good wich my eyes. 我的视力很好。 I help my mother with the housework。我帮妈妈做家务。 I help him with his English.我帮助他(学)英语。

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